PayRent provides renters with an opportunity to build credit by reporting positive rent payment history to all three credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion).  The feature is unlocked when a renter has made a minimum of 3 on-time payments through the PayRent app.

How does it work?

To opt-in to rent reporting, the renter can add their birthdate and social security number on the RentCred screen. This will enable reporting rent payments automatically when they are made. There is nothing else the renter needs to do to start reporting.

To opt-Into Credit Reporting:


>Select 'RentCred' from the menu.

>Scroll down to 'Credit Reporting'.

>Enter your birth date and social security number. (As always, your information is safe with us, fully encrypted, and never stored on our servers.)

>Click 'Save'.


Rent Reporting FAQs
  • Why do I have to provide my birth date and SSN?
    In order to accurately add your rent payments to your credit record, we must have your birth date and SSN. This information is tokenized and stored in a hacker-proof electronic vault that protects your identity. No one at PayRent can see or has access to this personal data.

  • What is considered an on-time payment?
    For credit reporting purposes rent is considered paid on time if paid within 5 days of the payment due date unless your landlord has specified an alternate late payment cutoff.

  • When is my payment reported to the credit bureaus?
    Payments are reported to the bureaus on the last calendar day of each month.

  • When does the payment appear on my credit report?
    Payments appear 48-72 hours after submission.

  • Can I dispute a reported late payment?
    Yes. All disputes can be handled by filing a dispute with the credit agency. We are obligated by law to respond to the dispute with payment details which either support or contradict the reported information. All disputes are settled between PayRent and the credit reporting bureau. You do not need to contact us directly. Erroneous payment data must be removed from your credit report within 1 week of settlement.

  • What happens if I skip making a payment through PayRent?
    Because we are obligated to accurately report rent payments, we can only report payments made through our platform. If payment is made through some other means it will not be reported to the bureaus. This will have neither a negative or positive effect on your credit score.

  • Do payments made through check or cash count as an on-time payment?
    Payments made outside of the PayRent app do not count towards on-time payments because we cannot verify the payment was made at the date and time provided.

  • Can I stop rent reporting at any time?
    Once opted into reporting you must contact customer support to be removed. It's not possible to start and stop reporting intermittently.

  • Can I keep reporting my rent payments if I move and my new landlord does not use PayRent?
    You can let your landlord know that you would like to use PayRent to maintain rent reporting and request that they sign up. We even pay you a referral fee when they do. Contact us for an email template that will make it easy for you to recommend us.